Price list


daily/evening makeup 80/100 CHF
wedding makeup 125 CHF

Full wedding look on the wedding day
(makeup and hairstyle)  250 CHF

(The cost of the test look (makeup and hairstyle) is also 250 francs.)

trial wedding makeup 150 CHF
art make-up 100 CHF
makeup tutorial “Make up yourself” 150 CHF/HOUR
face painting for kids the price is negotiable



30 min.- Photo shoot (10 processed photo) 150 CHF
two hour photo shoot (10 processed photo) 250 CHF
long-lasting photo shoot’s (3-5 hour)  450-600 CHF

Photo shoot + makeup + hair style (blow dry) (one and a half hours photo shoot; 10 processed photo)

400 CHF
processed each additional photo 5 CHF




The cost depends on the length of the hair and the complexity of the hairstyle, negotiated with the client

medium length hair styling  70 CHF
long hair styling  80 CHF
Hair style: wave, straightening, evening blow dry 100-125CHF


How I work:

The stylist comes to your place or your office in Geneva upon appointment.  When traveling outside Geneva, the customer covers additional expenses for traveling to destination by public transportation (when traveling by train between cities), as well as for traveling both ways by Uber taxi within the city. If traveling takes place at early morning hours (before 6 a.m.), the customer covers additional expenses for one way traveling to destination by Uber taxi.